strength and conditioning

Parents and Athletes, 

     As we enter summer break, our coaching staff would like to thank you guys, parents and athletes, for a memorable 2022-23 athletic year.  We appreciate all you do as parents, and we feel very blessed to have your children as part of this athletic program.  

     We love what we do, and we love the kids that make up this program.  In order to continue to progress as an athletic program and keep things moving in the right direction, we must have a great summer.  I know this can be difficult because everyone needs a break as well as time to go on vacation.  

     We, as a coaching staff, understand.  We have families as well.  Parents, we ask only this; if your children (incoming 7-12 graders) are in town, please make sure they attend our strength sessions every day, Monday-Thursday.  These sessions are free of charge, and the benefits from daily attendance will be seen this coming school year.  

     Our athletes understand the need for a great summer.  Our coaching staff has been hammering this point home since the beginning of May.  That being said, sometimes they still need a little encouragement getting up each morning.  

     We also realize that some of our athletes may need to work this summer.  Each summer session, coupled with skill work on certain days, will last anywhere from 45-90 minutes.  The boys' sessions start at 8:00 each morning and the girls' sessions begin at 9:30.  Most businesses will accommodate for this time when it comes to helping out Vernon athletes.  

     The success enjoyed by the majority of our athletic teams this past year did not happen by accident.  That success was the result of a solid school year of strength and speed training followed by a great summer strength season.  Most of our athletes showed up this past summer, and if we want to take the next step, they have to show up again this summer.  

     You cannot have it both ways.  Without work and dedication, success will not happen.  We want to specifically challenge our class of 2024.  Last year's seniors made a choice to put Vernon back on the map.  They did this through hard work and dedication.  

     Will you guys continue what they have started by taking this program to the next level, or will you allow it to fall into mediocrity once again?  

     Our 2024 class, combined with solid classes behind them, truly has the talent to do something special in Vernon this coming year, but success will not happen without hard work.  Greatness comes with a price.  This coming school year can be filled with great memories that last a lifetime, but only with sacrifice. 

      No pain, no gain.  

     We hope to see all of our athletes this coming Monday, June 5th, for the first day of Summer Strength.  Thanks again for all you do!  Please know that we are all in this together!

                                                                                                                    Coach Kevin Sherrill
                                                                                                                    VISD Athletic Director & Head Football Coach